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    Welcome! Read about us!


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    Welcome! Read about us!

    Post by SizzFlair on Wed Dec 09, 2015 2:06 pm

    Hey all,
    I've been very fortunate to run into a lot of helpful players since I've started playing recently. We all know that the very core part of this game is community. Therefore, I present you: The Arbiters.

    I am still fairly new to the game since I quit US live before all the new episodes kicked in. While the forums have been a useful source to find answers, it's much easier when we help each other in the game. There are a lot of stuff in this game, which can be quite overwhelming. I am thankful for all the veteran players who take the time to answer random newbie questions that pop up on global. This motivated me to form the pledge to help new players get started and bring in the social aspects of the game that could be lacking due to the player numbers being relatively low overall.
    The goal of The Arbiters first and foremost is to establish a close-knit group and enjoy the game together. The world of Aden can be a lonely place! Group hunts and pledge-run events will aim to break the monotony that creeps up while grinding away for more levels and better loot. By helping each other out, we can accomplish tough goals together such as Death Matches, boss hunts, quests, etc. Besides, it's always more fun to play with friends.

    Secondly, the name defines itself:
    - arbiter /ˈɑːbɪtə/ a person who settles a dispute or has ultimate authority in a matter. We aim to help the weak and bring justice to those who seek to destroy peace. One day, we will bring justice to the toxic players!

    All are invited regardless of experience, age, and nationality as long as you can act in a mature manner. We could definitely use some experienced players, since I'm not at that level yet. I'm usually on starting 1700 CST and will be on as much as I can.
    Feel free to whisper or mail Corsair if interested!  You can also submit an application on the forums.

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